January 2011

Happy New Year, Writers, Musicians and Friends,

It’s been many moons since I sat at my desk and composed a note to you. I know I sent you at least 150,000 email messages when I was MV editor, so you probably needed a break. Ha.  But this morning I woke up and thought about the poems you wrote and the manuscripts you’ve been working on, the essays you read at the mic, the publishing credits you mentioned a while ago and the guitars you’ve been constructing, and I wanted to write to you.

How are you? What have you been up to? What are you creating? Feel free to send us a line and let us know: monsoonvoices@gmail.com.

Patrick and I are happy in Tucson. We love the mountains, the coyotes and birds. We’ve also made some nice friends here. Since we made a break from Monsoon Voices in 2009, we’ve been writing a lot more, fixing old house pipes and wires, fiddling with web sites, reading a lot of philosophy and science (Patrick) and short stories (Traci).

I write health-related articles for a local magazine, and I took a great advanced fiction class at Pima Community College this semester where I wrote a ton and met some talented writers. For over a year I’ve been editing a client’s health book, which should be completed in early 2011.

Patrick’ s been steadily building his Tucson massage practice while at the same time, teaching his ongoing classes for massage therapists. When he has an open moment, he researches something new, or pulls out his camera and shoots pictures of anything and everything. He and Photoshop are close friends! 

We hope you are well and happy. Please let us know how you’ve been.


Traci and Patrick Moore, Editors
Monsoon Voices Live Literary Magazine