Inaugural Southwest Event May 9th

May 10, 2009

On May 9th, 2009, we had a lovely time with performers and friends at our Inaugural Southwest Monsoon Voices in Oro Valley. Every artist offered a quality performance:  Mimi Ferraro, Mazhar Khan, Jefferson Carter, Amber Gaia, Traci Moore and Lisa Vogel. We heard stories and poems about diverse subjects: a friends’ passing, one’s first trip to America, poignant dog dialogue, monsoon memories, a horse brought back to life and reflections on water.

The library setting  seemed perfect for hearing every word and note, without the need for amplification. We even had stage lighting, room to mingle, a great patio with mountain views (and moonlight!). Everyone sampled tea, coffee, cookies, crudite, bruschetta and cheese. We had lively conversations before and after the show.

Thanks to everyone who traveled far and wide to attend our first event. We look forward to the next show!


Traci and Patrick

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