Our mission with Monsoon Voices is to draw people together, offer quality entertainment from local artists, and inspire everyone guitar headto create.

Excellent writers and musicians fill our communities. At Monsoon Voices, we want to show off these talented artists and engage listeners with their great performances.

Monsoon Voices’ performers present writing and music with a unique perspective and a reverence for life. Experienced local writers and musicians submit poetry, prose, essays and music in advance, and the best material is chosen for live performances. Up to seven writers and one musician perform at every show. 

2007-09-to-10-179Since August 2007, Monsoon Voices has promised quality, thought-provoking entertainment for everyone. Events were once held bi-monthly in Arizona.

We’re always pleased to see the positive connections made after every Monsoon Voices peformance. We invite you to join us!

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