Thanks for everything you guys do to make Monsoon Voices so welcoming. I had great fun. You and Patrick have such good energy between yourselves and it spreads around the room. I admire what you do for writers and the community.”

                                                                                                                — Susan Vespoli, Poet
                                                                                                                    June 14th, 2009

“I highly recommend the whole experience, having participated in the inaugural Tucson event on Saturday, May 9th. The audience was attentive, appreciative, and the quality of the writing elevated:  two fellow readers-  Lisa Vogel (Fiction) and Jefferson Carter (Poetry)- were both nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  [Monsoon Voices] is a wonderful opportunity to make contact with other writers and have a new audience respond to your work. I encourage everyone to submit!”

                                                                                    — Mimi Ferraro, Poet & Songwriter
                                                                                        May 12, 2009  

“It was your vision that started it all and I believe many people began literary events inspired by what you and Patrick had created. There seems to be a blossoming live literary scene in Phoenix these days. We hope you remain a vibrant part of it.”

                                                                             — Madeleine Sinclair, Writer & Actor
                                                                                 April 12th, 2009

“You both are such generous hosts.  Thanks so much for a wonderful event. So well organized.  And the venue was inviting.  Excellent audio, friendly audience of good size.  What more could a poet-performer want?  Sherman and I have attended and read at many events, and this was one of the best!”

                                                             — Cathy Capozzoli, Poet & Business Consultant
                                                                 April 13th, 2009

“I’m convinced that the crazy concatenation of events that led me to this poetic moment started with you [Traci] and Joni!  I trace it back to the Solstice at Burton Barr library [in 2007]: that’s where I met you, and that smily energetic youngster in your charge, and Patrick, that OTHER smily energetic youngster in your charge.  You had great energy, and when I learned of Monsoon Voices, and your involvement with it, I was eager to participate.  So I credit both you and Joni, who spotted you at the Solstice, for virtually all of my experience as a performing poet.  THANKS!”

                                               — Gary Bowers, Poet /Artist/Event Organizer
                                                   January 5th, 2009

“The two of you have awakened in me a desire to please audiences and readers with my experiences.  Because of you, I have expanded my view of what it means to perform.  Thank you for providing the opportunity to share my work.  I think I might even enjoy coming to Tucson to read.”

                                                 — Kevin Hall, The self-confessed “Blue-Collar Poet”
                                                     November 19th, 2008

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